Data flows vs. SQL, Part 1 (Performance)

I’ve been toying with Azure Data Factory lately and especially with Data flows. It’s a graphical, low-code tool made for doing data transformations in cloud environment in a serverless manner. I got an idea of doing a little comparison between it and good old SQL from both performance and billing point of a view. MyContinue reading “Data flows vs. SQL, Part 1 (Performance)”

How Data flows are billed?

Azure Data Factory is a cloud based tool for data movement and transformations. A little more than a year ago a new feature, Data flows, was published which made it possible to do data manipulations and transformations without coding: User can drag and drop components into canvas to build processes to move and transform data.Continue reading “How Data flows are billed?”

Comparison of SSIS-IR startup times

Running classic SSIS packages in cloud has been possible for some time already. It is done utilizing Azure Data Factory (ADF) which contains a specific runtime engine called a SSIS Integration Runtime (SSIS-IR). Basically it’s just a cluster of Windows servers which are managed automatically by Azure. Those virtual machines have SSIS engine installed whichContinue reading “Comparison of SSIS-IR startup times”

Connecting Azure Data Factory to Storage account inside a VNET

Microsoft’s cloud ETL service, Azure Data Factory (ADF), has been in general availability for good time already. It’s a serverless platform for transforming and moving data between different kind of on-premise and cloud services. About year ago I was working as an architect in a project where we utilized ADF to move data into aContinue reading “Connecting Azure Data Factory to Storage account inside a VNET”

Connecting Sauna – How to make sauna call home

Last fall I got into playing with Ruuvitag sensors. Those are small, battery powered devices which measure temperature, humidity, pressure and acceleration. I placed one sensor to our sauna with and idea to make sauna call home: When certain temperature is reached, I’ll get a notification to my phone about sauna being ready to beContinue reading “Connecting Sauna – How to make sauna call home”

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